Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bathroom #1

The master bath adjoins the closet on one wall.  We wanted cubbies in the closet, and due to our fondness for open storage we decided to make one unit that served both sides. 

The shower is across from the water closet, each with their own dedicated space, allowing for more privacy.  Further down is the laundry room, making the whole room very efficient for how we will use it. 

As we were tiling the whole upstairs bathroom suite we decided to keep going with the floor tiles all the way up the shower walls.  The ceiling has a white, smaller tile, rectagular in keeping with the brick pattern.  A small bench was built into the corner, 30" across, prefab aluminum filled with concrete and tiled over.   

The opposite corner has a 16” shelf made with cut tile pieces.

Not too cramped yet not cavernous either, the shower measures around 4’X4’. The floor is 1”x2” cut slate tile sheets.  The ceiling is off-white ceramic.

 Sexy, no?


When we ordered the granite for the kitchen counters we got a great deal on the counters for the bathroom vanities, as long as we picked from remnants it would all be the same flat rate.  I was a bit nervous "would be a lot of small shoddy pieces?"  But the selection was actually quite good.  Upstairs we went with Venetian Gold and were fortunate enough to find enough for the main vanity,

the water closet 

and at that price it went into the laundry room as well.