Monday, March 14, 2011

Apartment Therapy/The Sims

I thought I was the only geek doing this, but I guess I'm not alone.  I'd looked around for design software then realized I already had The Sims 3.   Why not build the house virtually as well?  For some aspects it does a pretty bang-up job.  The exterior, for example:

Interiors are a bit trickier.  Especially when you're doing a lot of custom work. 

There's no wall oven or cook-top in the selection of available appliances, so I went with a standard range instead.  And we have open shelves between the refrigerator and cabinets and smaller ones on both sides of the cabinets around the window, which are also not available.  You're also limited in the angles of the walls, so I had to use the closest approximation.  All in all it's still pretty handy for visualizing colors and layouts.  I think I'll skip creating virtual versions of us.  That's just weird.  Although . . . . .


  1. awesome design work there! So cool to see it all in real technicolor too, happy demolition and reconstruction.

  2. Thanks! The next post is gonna take a while and work's been kicking my ass this week. I'm trying to get the blog up to speed but a lot of stuff is happening pretty fast now. I wanna get moved in, especially considering we have a living room full of appliances, faucets, (the sinks finally went over) excess furniture, etc . . . Ah well, good excuse not to clean.