Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Evolution of the Kitchen - pt. 2

So, where was I now when work so rudely stuck its nose in?  Ah yes, the kitchen and how it came to be. Is coming to be.  We have the shape, the walls, the tile, which looks a bit scruffy in the pictures due to it being freshly grouted (more on the tiles later) and an idea of what we wanted.   If we were working with a contractor we’d have driven him nuts by this point, “Hey, can you move the wall over a bit?  Add some built ins, shelves there?  No there . . .” and so on.  

   We could finally start bringing in cabinets.  Truckload after truckload (fortunately it’s not that far away) and the shell was filling out.  

 That hole in the wall in front of the cabinet with the big hole is my spice rack.  Or will be.  Did I mention I cook?  Lots?  That big hole in the cabinet is where the oven goes.  I've never had a wall oven and we lucked out with this one.  We bought the oven from the Sears outlet store (In December, so it's been in our living room ever since) at 50% off because it was missing its box.  !!!!!   The oven will actually sit lower, the upper two drawers have been removed and the microwave will go above.  We found the microwave, which is a convection combo, discounted by 75%. 

The cook-top goes under the space for the exhaust fan, natch.  Gas, natch.  It arrived this week and I'm currently infatuated with the knobs.


Open layout, open shelving, open hole where the fridge goes.  (And how many job sites have an espresso machine?)  We bought the fridge and dishwasher during the Black Friday sale at Home Depot which saved us 50% on those too.  Fortunately we were able to put off delivery until March so we aren’t tripping over them in the apartment.  Instead we’re tripping over them at the house.  The shelves next to the fridge will hold mixing bowls, plates, nicer cookware, underneath will be a prep area. 

 The Habitat For Humanity Restore has been a great resource as well.  We picked up a new stainless double (60/40) sink for about 1/5 of what we would have paid retail.  We were originally thinking of going with black appliances but managed to get them all in stainless for less than what we would have paid for black .  All that money saving meant it was time for a splurge.   Behold, the faucet.  Not the priciest we found (OMG, people pay THAT MUCH for a faucet???) but yeah, it was a splurge.  Purty isn't it? 


The cabinets will be painted battleship gray,
or Seal Grey, and the process of taking off the doors, removing hardware and priming has begun.   Next comes sanding then painting.  

 For this we have a high tech work space . . .

. . . and sophisticated drying racks.  


 Today we took a trip out to Stone World to approve the granite for the counters.  Here is our slab. 

They volunteered to try to cut so that lines and streaks would be minimized, but we requested that they actually try to use them prominently.  I think it looks more like real stone and makes it more interesting.

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