Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hot Tin Roof

A bird's eye view (if it was nesting in the rafters) of the roof framing.  This was the most difficult part of building the house – especially manhandling the overhanging rafters at each end into place.  The pitch could have been shallower but this seemed the most fitting, looking at it from ground level.  It also allows the house to cool off better as the heat is directed up and out. 

Note the 2x4s hinged over the roof decking – used to walk on as the sheets were attached.  Metal roofing is incredibly slippery and the height of the roof made it that much more dangerous. 

The gap left at the top of the roof lets hot air escape from under the ridge cap.

Not only does a metal roof look really cool, but all the metal cost less than the cheapest shingles, was much less work for one person, and will last 30-40 years.

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  1. WOW! The house looks great. I am not surprised . . . Can't wait to see more pics. Gini